About the Scratch Cake

Scratch is a way of being, a love for interesting ingredients, vibrant flavors, an eye for memorable garnishes. Scratch is never the quickest, the cheapest, or the simplest way – but it is often (we believe) the best. The Scratch Cake is about the blend of confection and creativity, where the cake is the pallet for butter-cream frosting, fresh garnish, surprising fillings, and customized designs & artwork to finish “your” cake.

Whether it is a dozen cupcakes, a birthday cake, or the wedding cake of a lifetime, your cake is carefully and professionally prepared in a kitchen designed with baking in mind. Cakes are packaged and ready for delivery and your enjoyment.

Ample notice is appreciated.  However, knowing that sometimes the “need” for a cake takes us all by surprise, we always try to satisfy every request and scheduling need when possible.

Your reaction is our reward!

Tammy Feldott, Baker-Designer

cropped-tammy-3533-21.jpgOver the years Tammy has filled most every position in the kitchen (both domestically and professionally), while always gravitating to the oven and the chance to bake. Since 1994 she has expressed that joy in baking by creating cakes on Cape Cod for friends and customers alike (the latter often become the former!).

Always an artist, The Scratch Cake has given Tammy the opportunity to blend her love of baking with her sense of beauty, whimsy, and of course flavor!

More than a baker, Tammy is a Mom to four (Brittany, Brianna, Brooke, Cody) and a Wife (to Ben). She enjoys soccer, her friends, Summer vacation on MV Island, Sundays at church, and the chance to do something that brings a small joy into the lives of others.


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