I just wanted to let you know that your cupcakes were a big hit at the Marck home this weekend : ) They were worth every calorie… absolutely delicious! Thanks for fitting us in at the last minute and for making our Thanksgiving/Birthday celebrations so special. Take care


mmmmm CUPCAKES WERE A HIT… and SO SO SO yummy. Key Lime is my fav Thank you again!!


Everyone loooved the cupcakes- there sure weren’t many extras! Thanks for the cute bride and groom cupcakes!! The day was perfect!


I wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful job you did on my mother’s birthday cake. You outdid yourself, Tammy! The cake was absolutely beautiful! Everybody gushed over how pretty it was – and how talented you are! And if that wasn’t enough, it was delicious as well! It was the whole package! So again, I thank you for your hard work and the beautiful job you do! I will be back!


I want to Thank You for the awesome baby cake you made for my daughter Lynn’s baby shower. It was the talk of the day. Everyone from the restaurant was coming in our room to see it. The owner of the restaurant said “I have never seen a cake like that… so intricate and detailed”. Your work is truly amazing if I do say so myself!


There are honestly no words to describe how much I have loved working with you. Thank you so much for everything!!!!! The cupcakes were simply divine. Our guests were besides themselves and there wasn’t one single cupcake left!!!!!! I keep getting emails from guests who are raving about the cupcakes! And the cookies were incredible too!!!! AND I couldn’t believe the little bride and groom cupcakes! What a surprise! Oh Tammy, everything was perfect. You are absolutely wonderful. You have customers for life.

Erin and Dan

OH MY GOOODDDNNNEEESSSSS!!!!! I MEAN EVERY WORD OF THIS TAMMY, BUT YOUR CUPCAKE WAS THE BEST CUPCAKE I HAVE EVER EATEN! That mocha and chocolate was to die for! I am still tasting it in my mouth with that extra chocolatey center.. yummmmyyyyy!


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR AMAZING INTERNACIONAL CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lucas cried! It was more than I expected! It was perfect! I have no idea how you did such a perfect job- but it was sensational! It was definitely on of the highlights of our wedding! All of the cupcakes were incredible! Everyone loved them! I cannot thank you enough. Thank you again for your beautiful and talented work!

Kate & Lucas

That cake was the most amazing cake ever! My son and all his former teammates were blown away ! Our guests certainly enjoyed the fact that it was funfetti. The glove appeared so lifelike that everyone wanted to touch it. When we finally had to cut it(and my son delayed it as long as he could) we were surprised that the fondant actually tasted so good! I think the cake was in as many pictures as the bride and groom were. Thank you for helping to make the rehearsal dinner so memorable!


Nick and I wanted to thank you for doing such an amazing job on the cupcakes at our wedding! I honestly can’t tell you how many people raved about your cupcakes-my mom is still getting calls today with people telling her how wonderful they were! People were going up for seconds and we literally had no cupcakes left over by the end of the night! I think that’s a first for wedding desserts! Thanks again for making our desert look perfect and taste even better!! You did such a wonderful job!

Kristen and Nick